A visit is just a name on the envelope.

Sure she knows her own name and who she is.

Why tie herself to a place for a lifetime, where the sun doesn't shine ?


A lover of orders what do you mean?

God, what do you want?


The real courage comes from the heart.

The touch of that can't be underestimated, cause the truth stands behind it.

Otherwise it is not real, and that touch lies.


On these thoughts, a view giving on to a evergreen garden, surrounds her.

From where the morning flight is going to leave and leads to homecoming?


She's satisfied that she got rid of the deep loneliness.

The light wasn't aeroplane's time-switch.

She flied there where the light comes from the bottom of the garden.


There she found someone to like.

There she is liked, without the fight.

And finally the address is also right.