How to find a way out? There will be the mean, no doubt.

Be proud,

if necessary aloud.


The imagination is wild in the night. It's so easy to criticise from outside,

how to look; black or white.

According to them it's easy to imagine what and when.

Were can she rest then?

For the specific information there had been a case before.

The first step is to collect the pieces together

despite the ugly weather.


Years follow years.

The vagabond existence lies.

Time dies.


The king and the queen

are still there they have been seen.

It's not going to be like this forever.


Don't take the other for granted.

Under the sky there are going to be restless feet. 



Smell the leather when the rain began to drop.

Repeat it when the rain stops.

Are you immune to the smell?

You might have a shell.


Above the trees the air is fresh.

How she feels, guess?


Just a feeling to obey,

a plentiful and fertile grass to lay.

The sense of the angels,

the warm huge wilderness,

good lord and his higness.


Her head has filled with the words,

like Hithcock's birds.


A little girl of years ago is not a little anymore,

she's a woman after the war.

She is grown up, over nine.

Respect her, please, take your own line.


Of course, she is angry now and then,

especially if called a hen.


She won't feed the shit,

on the contrary

she reaps the kit.