The speechless house,

an absent home.


An unhappy grief, one's hair's cream.

Completely swept to the vulnerable bed,

which sheets are wet.


Before the wedding the home was a place of loving and cheering.                                                tulppaani.jpg



Soon after the ceremony

a freezer

moved into as a wiser teacher.

With its icy hands

covered a brand new homeland.


The touch's soreness,

like a life in the desert;



An avalanche in a tirade of snow.

The other one has to go?


Eyeing each other dubiously,

the flat decayed hopelessly.


And one day

the light floods the house

through the thin curtains of the window.

The whole house

was washed yellow.

From now on there's a dry and warm

feeling's full pillow.



Only an unsentimental person keeps his nearest at arm's length.

Hopefully the most beatiful chord has been bent.