I watched the clock, counting the hours until closing -time. Money doesn't grow on trees. Only a child believes on stories. Is it a sin, if I do so, every now and then?


When and why? Thought it is rare that an adult reads the fairy tales, the human being seems to lie for each other quite offen. An untrue message sounds more gentle than a pure true. On the other hand only a coward lies his way out of it.


Get a life! Let sleeping dogs lie. Perhaps it is good to take a middle course and avoid a quarrel. Maybe it is best to stand on one's own feet. As if there were any right answer.


There's nothing new under the sun. Is it basically a question of responsibility? When man stands on his own feet, is he/she responsible? This applies both to people and the environment as well. People have confidence in the authority, generally. Especially here in Finland. An Inequality, the social problems, the greenhouse effect and so on are the questions, which demains to have answers. It's not a question about us. The future generation must also have the opportunity to live and work.


Some things will sort themselves out, like love, money and honey. Someone is an open book to an otherone. Some problems are annoying for a while. If man lives in an ivory tower, does man lie or not? Will it be a crying shame, if man loose the game? What about a white lie? If nobody hurts, or die.


If the conscience is awake, a man can not make capital out of the situation. Does the business world has a conscience? The rules of the game are be famed?


The closing time past. This fairy tale is not rank at the top. Not top at all. My function is only write. Not hide.