The handwriting sheets of paper in the box.

It's lid on the table. The frame of pale wood.


The suitcase is packed with empty promises.

I'm in no mood to argue with anyone. Seldom.


All children need to be looked after and be loved as well.

It would save a lot of trouble.


Pick up stones, but don't throw them towards one's face,

rather behave nice and gently.


If one have been in love with the uncommon person,he will give him a second glance, in spite of others opinions.


People used to ask for the very first moment, what one does for a living.

Is it really the most important thing we ought to know from each other?


The rain hits the windows. That sounds amazing.

My whole being is concentrated on that.


The wild deep forest is honest.

There's a fascinating beauty.


A relief raises eyebrows.

I close the lid and finish the trip