The murky mist is occupied,          

sacrificed on the altars of the earth's side.                                               IMG_20150926_180359097.jpg


A cluster of candles twinkles from the heaven,

the Big Dipper's quantity seven.


Peace on earth;

an unfleshed bird,

a hollow word,

a name of pigeon never heard.


The faith is

an immaterial sense of security,

little trust for eternity,

feeling of continuity.


On a visit

acknowledging presence

makes oneself at home.

Being aware of the present

demands both a body and a soul.


A huge sentimental value

can be man's only symptom.

Let's stay for ever

unpronounceable the python.


Does a hopeful wish find its true by the kiss?

The truth is what is.

Do continue pray and wish

for the sake of peace and pacifism.