A part time

foamy bath,

a daydreaming rest

for awhile.


Travelling with book.

Listening and analyzing.

Sinking and rising.


An inkling nod,

the heavy hectic drops.


One by one slipping down each cheek.

Aren't their bravely weak?

The handkerchief's need.


The clink of forks reverberates through the room.

One curling hair on the spoon.


The shivers run down the spine.

A moment,

a memento is haltingly peeking,

while a memory starts speaking.


A symphony reaches the wall

falling to the floor.


A romantic stardust

bubbles inside.


The moonbeam peeks out through the sheer curtains,

the dream is certain.


Catching a flash of the light

by the half-closed eyes

I realize

how the moon says goodbyes

as soon as it may rise.


The chocolate and a cosy shawl 

call. IMG_20150830_213210512.jpg