A grasshopper's high sound is difficult for the ear to catch.

How it sounds for the ear of the cats?


Does the creature get some satisfaction in making that voice?

Is that a compulsion or the choice?


The sound is the grasshopper's own.

It has just a right voice and tone.


The grasshopper has it's garden and the rose.

It doesn't mind if it is ridiculous.


The moment of summer; fresh grass's smell and night's glamour.

The grasshopper's whole life, a little poem for me to write.


It is not terrible to grow old. Terrible is die without own life.


The grasshopper has a pleasant task

without a mask.

It uses it's own call,

heard or not,

is not the grasshopper's fault.


The light night lays around summer's face.

The circle of moonlight is real in this case.