The door is open. I doubt. Is this some kind of examination? How about you? Do we see? This is what I see.


In wealthy industrialised countries, among the Nordic welfare states, people face many of the same problems. What is the main problem? It depens on. Nowadays refugees are the question number one. We all have the human rights, all aroud the world. Sadly, those rights are taken away. Let them start the new life with peace and love.


Each age has it's own difficulties. Family stresses and strains. Unemployment and the low economical situation are still increasing. The hard will is blowing in the wind. We need the storm, but is it enough strong?


I'm worried about students. Althought life has become easier becose of different kinds of technical equipments, lack of human contacts touch students. How to cope with pressure alone? How cope under depression? Just hope the situation is not going worse. In the long term the prevention of depression shoud be one of the main tasks in the health sector.


We all, especially children, need emotional care and support. In ordet to develop that is very important. We don't have a deep recession only, we have a deep emotional recession also.


In the end, Angel by Theresa Rodriguez:


Right when I was born

the lord sent me an angel.

An angel to protect me,

An angel to watch over me and love me.


I always sought advice from her

all throughout the years.

I depended on her every thought.

And it was always her

who wiped away my tears.

She taught me many things.

”To always speak from the heart.”

She always showed she loved and cared.

It her to always understand.

She newer intentionally hurt me,

and for that

she has all my love.

She's the angel -

The angel sent from high above.