A guest in own house.

Never looking at anyone including itself.


Between two people,

the very self is sleeping

entitling the wrong meaning.


An ultimately subject doesn't seem to find a true object.

Are they proving something to someone in and out the house?


In that case who is an outsider?


Is there a psychological horse named a complex force?

Perhaps a shrouded pride which have to hide?


The thin line of smoke from the mountain is tight.

Who's the best?

Let the rest be a guest.



Don't move.

The mountain can break soon.


A minuscule presence keeps it's eyes on the mountain.

It's mine!

The eyes in black dig their own mine.


What's the threat, and whom?

Be quick or kick?

Is it necessary to boom?


Unless…,                                           IMG_20160527_203817.jpg

if one have to

be witty and pithy,


do it with

a social harmony.

Humanity should not bite.

Humility doesn't fight.